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Wooden shingles

We produce high quality roof and elevation wooden shingles

Split wooden shingles

Wooden shingles - part of nature

Wooden shingles meet the highest esthetic requirements, and always blend beautifully with environmental background. As versatile material they are used in traditional building as well as modern architecture.Shingles are mainly made out of oak, larch, spruce, beech and Red Cedar. For roof covering split shingles, made out of oak and larch, are used. Because of specific features they are most resistant to weather conditions.

Sawn and split shingles are used for elevations.
Roofs and elevations covered with shingles have some distinguishable characteristics:

  • strength
  • hail resistance
  • frost resistance
  • storm resistance
  • lightweight
  • sun heat suppression
  • patterning biological structure

gonty drewniane - cząstka natury


Wood is an organic material and can be shaped and processed individually. Wood features differ not only within tree species, but also depend on a region where a tree grows, on its age and height.

No tree is the same, and each has its own character.

When deciding which wood species to use, its cleavage, a fungal decay resistance and age of the tree has to be taken into account. Our specialist workers process wood the same way as their descendents did, with an axe and a hard knife, and of course partly with machine help. Each shingle is cleaved from the whole log separately, then carved and supplied with faze.

For elevation sheathing hand split and sawn shingles are used, usually of the same thickness with small ornament on the shingle butt. Other forms of shingles, their dimensions as well as quality requirements are specified in DIN 68119 in Standard andPrimex company Standards.

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gonty drewniane - cząstka natury